The Summit Sports and Ice Complex is conveniently located in Lansing at I-96 and Lansing Rd. Exit 98B.

The Summit Sports and Ice Complex is a 176,000 square foot state-of-the-art complex for multi-sports, education, entertainment and business activities. The Summit has one Olympic and one NHL ice surface, a 54,300 sq. ft. field house, sports performance center, gymnastics center, pro shop, two concession stands, 4 meeting rooms, video arcade, spectator seating, public locker rooms, team locker rooms, referee rooms, and arena management space.

The Summit offers many opportunities for the hockey enthusiast. From our travel/competitive teams we offer a comprehensive, progressive program for boys and girls as well as men and women. As a multi-sports facility we also offer soccer, flag football, dodge ball and lacrosse leagues.

We are also host to Aim High Courts, located inside the field house of the Summit it has 3 sport court basketball courts. Availability is seasonal, please ask about availability.

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For more information on our programs, please call (517) 319-1000.