Kids will be separated into groups based on age, skill level and/or experience. Baskets will be lowered and smaller balls will be used to allow the kids to learn proper form. Emphasis will be placed on individual skill building, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Learn-to-Ball Fall 2019

7 week session, class will begin at 5:30PM on Tuesday, September 10th through Tuesday, October 22nd. You can register for the session at the link listed below.

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Beginner Classes:

These classes are for kids who have never played before. The focus will be on dribbling and passing skills without a defender.

Intermediate Classes:

In these classes, defensive drills will be added and players will work on shooting skills.

Advanced Classes:

At this stage, kids will learn the team aspect of basketball and offensive plays will be added.

Questions? Contact Paige at (517) 319-1000 or info@thesummitsportsandice.com